“Making Jewelry in the Store” Policy
We are often asked by new customers if they can make their jewelry in the store.  Unfortunately, we don’t have an area of the store designated for this purpose and we rarely have the extra staff in-store beading would require.   Luckily, we do have a solution for you!  Our “Plan Your Own Adventure” Bead Parties allow you to rent our classroom and all of our workshop tools (basic beading kits, bead mats, etc.) for up to seven beaders. If you need some help completing your project, or if you are new to beading, you can attend one of our twenty classes each month, or schedule a Traditional Bead Party.   Please see the Classes page for complete information about registering for one of our classes or scheduling a beading party.







Store Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am to 6 pm

Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Sunday, Closed

Return Policy
Due to the nature of our products, Bead World is unable to acceptny returned items.  This is for our customers’ protection.  Please understand that we invest heavily in bringing you the finest in sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gems and brand-name materials.  We, unfortunately, cannot always know that the items being returned are original or that none of the items were used or broken.  Thank you for understanding that this strict policy is necessary in order to assure that YOU,  our valued customer, are taking home the finest in beading materials.












Volume Discounts
“She who dies with the most beads wins!”  We know that, like us, you live by this motto.  To help you out when the buying gets expensive, we offer Bead Bucks, which you can cash in on a future purchase! For those of you who go really crazy, we offer volume discounts on purchases over $250.00. 
$251-$500 = 10% off
$501-$1000 = 15% off
$1001-$2000 = 20% off
$2,001 or more = 25% off
Please remember that discounts do not include classes, magazines or books, and only one discount, coupon or promotional offer is valid per customer, per day.

Wholesale Discounts
Sooner or later, it seems that every beader ends up selling some of their jewelry.  (Hey, you have to earn back some of that beading money, right?  We call it ‘feeding the beast!”)  It can be tough, trying to keep your jewelry priced low enough to sell while still making a profit.  To make it a bit easier for you, Bead World has a discount program for customers who have their Business Resale License.  Just bring us a copy of your actual state trasaction priviledge tax license (the one with the seal), fill out our quick worksheet and Voila!  You will be sales-tax exempt, and also be eligible to receive our wholesale pricing discount.  Contact Us with any questions about this program.   Please remember that discounts do not include classes, magazines or books, and only one discount, coupon or promotional offer is valid per customer, per day.

Why we’re not an e-commerce site
We love it that you travelers out there visit us when you’re in Arizona, and we understand how frustrating it must be to live somewhere far away from a convenient Bead World location.  Nearly every day, one of you will ask why we don’t have an e-commerce web site that you could buy from when you are at home.  Unfortunately, part of the reason you love us so much is that we hand select every item in the store, from gemstones to vintage glass to designer toggles.  This level of intense personal involvement precludes us from purchasing in the kind of warehouse volume it would require to run a sales web site.  If you have something very specific you are looking for, give us a call.  If we have it, we can ship it out to you.  It’s best, though, to stock up as much as you can while you are in the store.





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